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Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice - Cherrish Your Health

Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice


Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

The numerous health benefits of tart cherry juice include stimulating circulation, preventing cancer, aiding sleep, strengthening cognitive function, supporting heart health, speeding the healing process, managing diabetes, eliminating inflammation and improving weight-loss efforts, among others.

Improves Heart Health

One of the most important elements of tart cherry juice is quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant capable of reducing oxidative stress in many parts of the body, particularly in the cardiovascular system. Research has linked this compound to lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, as well as lower blood pressure, all of which reduces strain on the heart and prevents conditions like atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

Prevents Cancer

In terms of cancer prevention, the anthocyanins found in tart cherry juice are very important, considering they can remain active and present in the blood for up to 12 hours after ingestion. These antioxidants can reduce the impact of free radicals on various organ systems and lower oxidative stress. Free radicals can cause cellular mutation and increase your risk of various cancers, but the anthocyanins in this juice can prevent tumor formation. This is in addition to ellagic acid and limonene, two other cancer-fighting compounds found in this juice.

Increases Circulation

Numerous studies have linked anthocyanins to increased levels of circulation, which is good news for the cardiovascular system, while also ensuring that various areas of the body receive the oxygen and resources they need. This can also result in an energy boost when you need it most!

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